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What is Investory?

Investory – “stories about investing” is an edutainment project giving you daily insights on investing in simple and fun videos under 2 minutes.

We break the myth that investing is complicated, boring and available only for white collars from the world of Wall Street. While you may not realize it, you’ve been an investor all your life. You invest your resources everyday by choosing how you spend your time, money and energy - whether it’s shopping, reading or working out. We’ll show you how to invest smartly and how to overcome possible roadblocks on the way to success.

Subscribe to our service and a fresh investory will be there in your inbox to accompany your morning coffee or bathroom break. A one-minute video is worth up to an academic hour at a top business school.

Our multinational team has over 25 years of finance & tech experience under our belts. We do our best to help you succeed in life.