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Losing a lottery

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Jackpots and ruined fates

When we hear about someone winning the lottery, we immediately put ourselves in their shoes and wonder what it would be like if we had been them winning instead.

Real estate, business, investments, heart’s desires – options flash in a motley whirlwind.

However, the news hardly ever mentions the further fate of such favorites of fortune.

And frequently, it turns out to be quite unenviable.

It looks like you could live and enjoy.

But no. When people win money out of the blue, they don’t always know how to handle their sudden riches.

Many times, sudden riches drives people mad.

Someone starts spending it on luxury articles, somebody loses it in a casino and at horse race, and some people cannot deal with the overwhelming feeling of all-permissiveness and find themselves in prison or in a mental asylum.

The problem is that unnecessary spending changes the heart and mind of some people. They start to become someone that they don’t recognize.

It is a true paradox, but people who manage to come out of this situation with minimum losses are those who give the prize money to charity at once and take almost nothing for themselves.

And there is absolutely no one who would manage his happiness smartly and would multiply their capitals, having realized that money is only an instrument to be used, not to get crazy about.

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Published on
September 1, 2017