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The Lottery Commandment

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The lottery is a great tool that can be used for the good of society. The rules are simple: be unselfish, take nothing for yourself, and do good - or be damned.

The commandment is not written; you will not find it in any holy texts. However, it is followed throughout the history of humankind. It goes like this:
If give you the lottery, a very capable tool for the good of humankind. It gives the capability to create, invent,  develop, comfort the needy and take care of the miserable. It helps build, improve, heal and teach.
But woe to anyone who uses it with wicked thoughts and greed. Eternal punishment and misadventures await them. The only salvation from the peril is generosity and unselfishness. 
There’s only one rule: if the money won in the lottery is spent only for self interests, then there will be no luck to either the winner or the lottery organizers. Jails and mental wards, cemeteries and homeless shelters, courthouses and unemployment offices know about many of these lottery victims.
Easy money deforms the psyche and changes the nature of the man, bringing him to doom. The lottery does not pardon greed - but certainly can enhance. 
The saved are those not blinded by the money - who remember the imperfections of the world and spend their prize to change the world's injustices, not taking anything for themselves.
The initial goals of the lottery were charitable. It profits not one person’s, but the whole society.
The British Museum was built using lottery incomes. Same for the London Aqueduct and Harvard University in the US. As were Yale, Princeton, Dartmouth, Columbia, and Brown Universities.
Also, hundreds of churches, schools, hospitals, orphanages, and libraries worldwide. The Olympic Games in Soviet Union would not be possible without state lottery Sportloto.
Investory reminds you: the commandment is simple. Following it leads you to eternal glory. The aftermath of forgetting it can be seen anyplace where the irresponsible winners dwell.

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Published on
July 18, 2017