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Poker: cards, money, and… billionaires

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How do top managers, Wall Street executives, financial barons relax? Play golf, buy yachts, and lose thousands in casino. How do the Forbes billionaires relax? At the poker table.

Poker: this noble game attracts the world’s top executives for several reasons. It gives you the opportunity to spend a good time and communicate with the right people - discuss business plans and partnership opportunities.
Getting some adrenaline by losing tens, even hundreds, of thousands in losses is also something rich guys enjoy. But above all things poker teaches patience, self-control, bluffing and the ability to deal with risks and accept losses. It is a real school of business, and people on the top value this game.    
Bill Gates regularly meets Warren Buffett at the poker table. Number one and number two of the Forbes World’s Wealthiest list are known for their love of poker. Buffett even hosts an invitation-only tournament for NetJets investors. The main prize is ten hours of private jet use.
A billionaires’ level of poker skill is usually quite high; however, they are not at the professional level. Andy Beal - banker, billionaire and one of the best poker players among his peers - has lost tens of millions of dollars trying to best some of the professional poker stars.
Do you want to be on the Forbes top ten someday? Do what they do – train your business intellect, intuition and bluffing skills at the poker table, both online and face-to-face. Just remember: to play with professionals, you need to become one first.

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Published on
July 20, 2017