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Poker #2 – Online Poker

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Since moving online, the poker scene has become bigger than ever. Virtual poker rooms are now more popular than casinos, but the excitement the game brings and the chances to win remain the same.

When online poker emerged  in the mid 90s, players quickly saw the advantages of virtual gaming. 
Players can simultaneously play several tables at once; professionals can participate in ten hands at a time. Bets begin from 1 cent per hand and you can save big – you don’t need to spend money on transportation, drinks, food, dressing up and tipping the casino staff.
One can make big bucks this way: the biggest online poker victory came to $1,356,964.
Just like the offline game, players need to know game strategy well. They need to understand poker math and psychology. Rules for a successful poker player stay the same.
First, play the player, not the cards. Even if you don’t see your opponents, they are real people.
Secondly, don’t start playing if you’re desperately looking to make a quick buck. Poker should not be your last and only hope; you need a cool head to be successful. Additional stress can result in dumb mistakes.
Thirdly, if you’re bluffing, follow through until the end. Do not switch your tactics in the middle of the game. Consider the combination in hand a winning one and go with it.
If you are confident and ready to follow these rules, it’s time to begin. With online poker, the way to win big starts with a few clicks.

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Published on
August 16, 2017