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The Lottery and Downfall of Jane Park

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Winning the lottery is a life-altering moment. But for some, it can be their undoing.

In 2013, British seventeen-year-old Jane Park won $1.25 million dollars in the EuroMillions lottery, becoming the youngest Brit to win.

Though a rosy life was expected after coming into such wealth, Jane now wishes that she never won. She even wants to sue the lottery for giving someone so young the money!

With her winnings, she purchased a purple Range Rover, plastic surgeries, two houses and several trips - but none of it made her happy. Making things worse, she claims her love life suffers because men are more interested in her money than her.

Jane claims that despite her increased earning power her life is ruined. She wonders how this could happen to her.

Like many immature individuals who come into money, they fail to understand attitude and consumption only goes so far - never thinking of giving to others.

They failed to see life's bigger picture even though they had several opportunities. For Jane, it appears she has yet to realize this.

Right, Jane, go and sue the lottery. That'll surely solve all your problems - by "winning" more money.

She is still young and maybe not over the pressure of her recent stardom. Either way, it is odd to hear anyone say winning ruined their life.

For Jane and the other young winners, they have an opportunity to think over their fortune. Hopefully they do it.

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Published on
April 25, 2017