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How Demo Accounts Reduce Pressure, Risk and Save Young Finance Professionals' Butts

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Demo accounts are excellent tools for trading education. Just don’t expect to feel the same emotions until you’re doing the real thing.

Financial companies provide novices with an opportunity to learn how to trade financial instruments without risking their own money. It’s called a “demo account.” Trading on a demo is considered to be different from trading on real accounts: quotes differ, and conditions are simpler. A demo account is said to correspond to the BEGINNER difficulty level in a game. While the real account switches you to NIGHTMARE level, where you are smashed in a matter of seconds. They lure you, a naïve simpleton, and smash. They feed on it. However, now we will reveal the simple truth: all conditions and prices are the same. It is not about the conditions It is about psychology. How marvelous it is to cause mayhem in a virtual city! Even if you die – you are reborn at once and can continue. The police and people are virtual; it is heroism without the smallest risk. Now, try going out into the real street and repeating at least one of your deeds. Come on, do it. Try hijacking a tank or a military plane, falling with it into the sea, getting out of it and swimming to the shore as if nothing happened. Try disobeying the police in an abusive way. Try at least taking a seat on a sportsbike you don’t own - which you ride so deftly in the game and never fall off. We do not actually implore you to take these actions. Allow us to explain: Demo accounts exist so that one could adapt to trading mechanisms, just the same way the driving instructor helps you avoid collisions on the road. And the reality is this: while you are trading demo money, you will not experience the true feelings of winnings and losing. These only occur in reality. Learn before you put yourself into the real situation. It may save your life.

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Published on
June 1, 2017