Living in the city is tough sometimes, especially for work-driven Millennials. One company offers a respite away from it all.

Millennials are active and driven people, born at the junction of 1980s and 1990s. Most of them are workaholics, ho do not let a cell phone out of their hands. As they say, hard work requires hard recovering. However, what to do if parachute jumping bores, night clubs only make you feel more exhausting and travelling does not bring joy anymore? Fatigue accumulates for months: you feel exhausting. There are hundreds of new texts on the messenger and the phone never stops ringing.

The solution to this problem is offered by Getaway startup which deals with renting tiny cottages and ... solitary outskirts of megalopolysis. What is made this business so successful? Many people offer renting houses at very competitive prices, but it was Getaway, that was one of the first offer renting silence and full distraction from the outside world. The central element of the cottage facilities is a safe there a cell-phone must be stored until the end of the vacation. Exactly! MUST be stored. There is no computer or wi-fi. Connection to the outside world is provided only in case of emergency. With all the simplicity of the idea the company acquired 15 million dollars investments in February 2017. 

The modern world values ideas. And even more their implementation. Investing in an interesting project can change the life entirely. If you hesitate to start your own business — try to invest in others.

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Published on
4 September 2017