Can a song without any notes or words be commercially successful? You bet! Just sell it to the right customer.

Every time an iPhone lover connects their phone to a car charger or stereo system, they get a bonus from the producer – the first song in their playlist begins to play automatically.

Too bad you don’t even remember where that track came from. However, even if it is your favorite song, playing it that often eventually makes you hate it.

Samir Mezrahi - Aaaaa Very Good Song

Former media specialist Samir Mezrahi posted a track called “A a a a a Very Good Song” into iTunes. It’s just 10-minutes of silence, and it costs you 99 cents to download.

Within several days, this track got into the top-100, and made it to number 8 on the Swedish hit list.

How to Buy Music on iTunes

The idea was as simple as one can be and no one truly knows how much Mezrahi has made on this song.

This exemplifies the rule that you just need to give people something to ease their pains, and they will purchase it. Even if it is a repeated tune without sound.

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Published on
1 November 2017