Is dressing to impress good for success? Incorrect. Those who are financially successful preach another approach to the dress-code.

Fast Fashion – the put-on-and-go approach to dressing – is what the most successful businesspeople in the world practice. Similar jeans, t-shirts in the same color and style, favorite shoes… why? There are three reasons for that.

First, the fewer mundane decisions you need to make, the more resources you have left for things that really matter. Spending time deciding what to put on or which way to drive to work takes away from your mental resources that could be used for planning a good business proposal. Think about that the next time you are choosing cuff links in the color of your shoelaces.

Secondly, minimalism equals saving time. You either hire a personal stylist (or use your spouse) or choose your wardrobe so that everything would go with everything else. An extra half an hour a day always comes in handy.
Third, a truly successful person will not be showing off through fashion to impress people. our personal comfort should be placed above all the modern fashion demands.

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Published on
27 October 2017