How can the sun help you earn money? During the solar eclipse in the U.S., millions of people needed special glasses to protect their eyes – but they were in short supply. Nature, however, will give us another chance. Those who have enough glasses stored for the next eclipse can expect to make some good money.

The Sun to Help You Earn Money: Solar Eclipse

For thousands of years, solar eclipses were an enigma. A source of awe, horror, happiness and scientific breakthroughs. They have stopped wars and marked the greatest events in the history of humankind. On August 21, 2017, a full solar eclipse was visible in select locations in the United States. The event attracted millions of viewers but also created an unusual problem - a shortage of special, protective eyewear.

The Sun to Help You Earn Money: Protective Goggles

For the uninformed, it is dangerous to look at the sun through regular sunglasses. It's even more dangerous with a naked eye or through a telescope. Sunlight is so intense, it can literally burn your eyes out. Some of the more handy people made protective goggles using weird stuff, like colanders, cereal boxes, crackers, Amazon cardboard boxes and special apps.

The Sun to Help You Earn Money: High Demand

However, it’s much easier to purchase special goggles to watch the eclipse. But this year the suppliers failed to make enough of these to satisfy the demand. On Amazon a pair that cost $1.50 sold for $20 during the high demand time – and you still could not purchase them. So, remember this date. The next solar eclipse is scheduled for July 2, 2019. If you want to make some money, prepare in advance. Make sure that you have enough goggles in stock when the time comes.

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Published on
20 November 2017