Here’s all the key messages from famous books about the psychology of billionaires in one short video. Think big, ladies and gentlemen!

Be afraid of your wishes. Wishes are the driving force behind every person's actions.  As a rule, they lead to what every person has.

Meet John. John lives under a bridge. What will be he dreaming about when someone kicks him out of his cozy nest? He will be dreaming  about money for some booze and finding another bridge to sneak under.. If his wish is strong enough, he might just get what he wants.

What will a cashier earning minimum wage do after getting fired? You are absolutely right – he will be looking for another minimum wage job.  Eventually he will find one, because our dreams are magic. Maybe he will become an ecntry-level manager and receive a 50-cent raise, sending him to cloud nine.

What will a million-dollar businessman do when his business falls into shambles? He will try to build a new business. He will think about his future successes and will believe that his business will bring him as much money as he wants. What’s interesting is that his wish will also eventually come true.

Everyone is an architect of their own future. To break out of the vicious cycle of poverty, one needs to… wish to do so. Think big, ladies and gentlemen!

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Published on
29 August 2017