An entertaining story on how a property bargain deal can turn into tens of years of anticipation and a great deal of financial losses. Show this video to dishonest social workers looking to lay their hands on their patients’ property.

Lawyer Andre-Francois Raffray agreed to pay  90-year-old Jeanne Calment, who did not have inheritors, 2,500 francs (about $500) a month until she died.
In return, Jeanne Calment would transfer the rights to her apartment, estimated at $300,000, to Raffray after her death.
-       Here are the rights, my dear Mr. Raffray.
-       Please sign here and I will have it notarized.
-       Regret to inform that Andre-Francois Raffray, a great lawyer and loving father and husband, has passed away at the age of 77. The memorial service will take place at…
Hold on, buddy. You have not paid me as agreed… oh, well. I will get my money anyway.
Dear investors, even if the deal looks profitable, don’t forget the risks – and factor in the time.

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Published on
11 August 2017