If an opportunity to get rich quick comes your way, think long and hard. Otherwise you’ll end up like the subject of this video. Watch and learn from their mistakes.

Just imagine, you are in a rat hole of an apartment eating frozen dinners out of a box, and suddenly, you get an e-mail that will change your life forever. You will no longer be a naïve fool – you just don’t know it yet. An unknown bank employee from a small, rich country is eager to share the news: his billionaire client has passed away, and has left a fortune in his accounts. There are no lawful heirs; the money is ownerless. Would you like to pose as an heir and split the money? You know, nobody will be suspicious of a foreigner from frozen Minnesota. They call you ‘Minnesota Nice’ for a reason, right…? Your correspondent will take care of all the paperwork and legal matters. To receive your inheritance you just need to open a Swiss Bank account with the assistance of an unknown bank employee in rich Switzerland. . Seduced by future riches, you wire him €1000. As soon as the scammer receives your money, he gets lost, and all you receive is an invaluable experience. Your mother was right – the only free cheese is in the mouse trap, even if this cheese is Swiss. So, do you want to know the success rate for this type of scam? Investory has the answer in the rest of our videos. Watch and find out.

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Published on
5 June 2017