Do you need a yacht? Or a house by the sea? Or simply free time for hobby pastimes? Watch this video. Even if you say that this model is not for you, just be glad for these great people.

Meet Riley and Elayna, sailing around the world on their yacht. There is one and the same question under almost every video on their YouTube channel, “Sailing La Vagabonde,”: “where did you get the money?” And lots of guesses about rich parents or luck falling right out of the sky. The answer is really quite mundane: initial capital is hard work.

Ryley worked at the oilrig for eight years, saving every dollar so that in 2013 he could buy a halfway-decent Beneteau (produced in 2007) for 100 000 Australian dollars, and invest about 19 000 more in its modification.

What do they live on? Firstly, they do not spend as much as it seems at first sight – sailing is not that expensive pleasure indeed. Secondly, they earn money due to monetization of their video channel, which allows them to meet the costs. By the way, subscribe to their channel if you want to help them.

This is one of multiple examples showing that it is REAL to get a sum, which will be enough for a start. While further actions will be a question of strategy. Someone makes his dream come true at once, just like Ryley, others try to multiply their initial capital in order to achieve a goal of another scale.

And what kind of yacht do you need?

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Published on
22 May 2017