In this Investory, we will tell you what a financial crisis, epidemics and diseases have in common. Why are we still in the deep Middle Ages in the world of finance? And is it within our powers to change it?

Epidemics and diseases have plagued humanity throughout history. Only recently, have we learned to control them. Preventing disease, outbreaks and treating the sick.

Medicine defeated the plague, overpowered anthrax, and we created vaccines against the most horrible influenza strains. Scientists discovered diseases and created cures”

However, in the world of finance, we are still deep in the Middle Ages. We see collapses, crises, falling indices, and burst financial bubbles too often.

Most of us can't do anything about it. We are powerless and helpless against these financial pandemics.

Hundreds of millions died during the Black Plague. But, how many hard-earned savings accounts perished under a financial crises? How many businesses succumbed in the process?

There is still no antidote. Attempts to solve financial problems resemble medieval incantations and divination on water.

In the Middle Ages, they tried to treat ailments with horse’s breath. Today, we use wrong methods for financial recovery. Over and over, we shoot ourselves in the foot, not understanding the reasons.

The only working cure is knowledge. Study the way money works, observe financial hygiene, and manage your savings. It concerns every one of us.

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Published on
17 August 2017