Congrats on launching your business! Are you ready to trade your time for business’ success? Great! Сheck out all the lessons Anastasia and Mitt learned in their 100 failed startups list.

Сheck out all the lessons Anastasia and Mitt learned in their 100+ failed startups list and get to work!
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Congratulations on starting your business! Be it B2B or B2C; a bar or a tech startup; you’re becoming the entrepreneur or investor you’ve always wanted to be!

Anastasia and Mitt spent 300 hours trying to understand why startups fail. Based on the 100 failed startups stories, they garnered dozens of lessons.

One of the eye opening findings they discovered is that B2B companies fail at an average of around four years while B2Cs average close to three.

Get ready to lose more money if you don’t succeed in your B2B project. Otherwise, it’s more time, more pain if you don’t invest yourself properly. You could lose tons more time and money along the way! 

They liken owning a business to being a Boeing 737 pilot. As the metaphorical pilot, it's the founders responsibility to perform a specific set of checks before every flight. That includes thorough checks before take-off, approach and shutdown. Failure to do so results in 95% of plane’s crashes.

That’s why as a startup founder you need your own checklist to survive a business crash. Don’t make your human errors be the downfall of your business. Focus up and fly right.

So, ready to get to work?


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Published on
30 May 2017