Electric cars are old news. It’s time to invest in new technologies. AIRPod, a compressed-air vehicle, is coming to town!

Electric cars? Tesla? Outdated!
A real alternative car technology is coming to the market!
Zero Pollution Motors is introducing the first compressed-air propelled car. This vehicle, developed by the company MDI and Formula 1 ex-engineer Guy Negre, is called the AIRPod.
The cost of a full tank of compressed air for this car is only $3. You can drive it for about 100 miles without recharging. This car also does not produce any pollution.
The first AIRPod vehicles are available for sale as of today. Transportation giants including USPS and NYC Taxi Service have shown interest in this new car.
What does this mean for investors? First: you should look into investing in Zero Pollution or similar companies. The hype around clean-fuel transportation has skyrocketed Tesla’s share price.
Second: if air-propelled cars become a viable alternative to electric ones, prepare to make money on the drop of Tesla's capitalization.


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Published on
13 September 2017