The issues of immortality and eternal youth always occupied the minds of successful people of the most various epochs. Unfortunately, those issues remained unsolved. Until today. From now on the rules of the game change forever.

Do you want to be rich? And what will you do with all this wealth?

Do you want to get rich? Villas, islands, jets – it is all clear. And what is next? You will not last forever, indeed. You have it all, you can do everything, but here you are completely powerless.

Neither transplantology, nor transhumanism with all its dreams about immortality will help you in any way. Will not help Because that is how the world is made – you can only be “king of the hill” for an allotted time. Alas.

Gods on Olympus drank ambrosia, which granted eternal life, rulers of different times tried to become vampires, sacrificed victims, but still did not live up to this day.

But do not worry. It is all over now. Because the world has just witnessed “the best” medical startup – Ambrosia – that is conducting clinical trials of an UNPROVED method of fighting ageing. Only some $8000 and you will get a transfusion of blood plasma from young people. Jessie Karmazin, the startup founder, tested the new method on mice – and they got better. And you will. Many people are already queuing up.

We stated not long ago that we were living in economic Middle Ages. Well, no. Turns out not only in economic ones.

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Published on
6 March 2017