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Bancor vs. Bitcoin; Should You Invest in Bancor?

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Why do we hold Bitcoin to such a high standard? After all, it has built-in deflation, high risk of technical flaws, and no buyer protection. Despite all of this, BTC remains the top dog in the cryptocurrency market, but perhaps it won't be that way for long. That's where Bancor comes in. This platform is designed to create new cryptocurrencies with user-friendly interfaces and instant liquidity. Is it worth your investment?


The key word to take away from this comparison is "personalization." Unlike Bitcoin, Bancor wants there to be a personalized token for every community, business, or country. Furthermore, this protocol has a built-in "price discovery" feature and a liquidity tool for coins on a smart contract blockchain.

Some people are starting to call these tokens "smart tokens," and for good reason. The smart token holds other tokens and lets any other party buy or liquidate the smart coin in exchange for another coin in the reserve. This is all done through the smart token's contract at a calculated, formulaic price.


Bancor's smart tokens certainly seem a little more stable than Bitcoin. Since the tokens hold reserve to protect their value, you won't see so much violent fluctuation like you do in BTC. Furthermore, since smart tokens are created by communities, shops, and businesses, it's easier to establish "trust" for the users. The tokens are all supported by a real community or business.


Let's go over the facts. Continuous liquidity, lower fluctuation, predictable price slippage, and no extra fees. If those are all qualities you find attractive, then perhaps it is time to invest. Never rush into an investment, though. Educate yourself first.

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Published on
January 16, 2018
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