The “21 Million Club” is a crypto term for those who earn 1 Bitcoin (BTC) or more (seeing as there will only be 21 million BTC ever in existence). At the time of this article, there are currently 18 million BTC, meaning there are just 3 million to be mined. As time goes on, and the value of BTC increases, what will your BTC holdings be worth in the future? Thankfully, there is an equation to tell you how to earn bitcoin and be a future millionaire

How to earn bitcoin and be a future millionaire

Your 1 BTC may be worth just around $7,000 right now, but what about in 5, 10, 15 or 20 years? Will 1 BTC be worth a million dollars? Kyle Kemper, the founder of Swiss Key invented a formula that tells you how much BTC to own over the years to guarantee $1 million dollars’ worth of wealth. Maybe it’s time to earn bitcoin more aggressively.


Global wealth vs wealth: How to earn bitcoin

In this equation by Kemper, Global Wealth is the amount of money all over the world. Wealth is the amount one wants to get. B-WIT is the Bitcoin Wealth Insurance Target. Therefore:

B-WIT = (1 million/317 trillion) x 21 million

B-WIT, in this case, equals  0.06624605 BTC

Of course, this is just Kemper’s opinion, and we can never be completely sure that it will turn out as said in the equation. However, if you want to earn bitcoin now and prepare, here is a tool to help.

How to earn bitcoin now and “Turbocharge” your portfolio

If you want to start preparing your portfolio now and buy more Bitcoin, YouHodler’s Turbocharge feature is an excellent start. If you have .5 BTC for example and want to Turbocharge it, here’s how it works. 

  1. Use .5 BTC as collateral for a fiat loan

  2. Use fiat funds to buy more BTC

  3. Use BTC as collateral for a fiat loan

  4. Repeat the process up to 10 times

YouHodler automates this entire process so all it takes is just one click of a button. By the end of the “chain of loans’, your .5 BTC is multiplied x10 and then when the value of BTC grows in the future, it will cover all the fees incurred on the platform.

This is a great feature to multiply some amount of BTC without having the immediate funds to just buy BTC on an exchange. YouHodler also has BTC Savings Accounts where you can earn bitcoin passively. Visit them today and get started on your millionaire journey.