A discussion over olives becomes a lesson in business. In turn, changing a small country in the process.

1. Listen, the olives are amazing. I think I have never tasted anything like these. It is a nice small country. Sunshine, fresh air, mountains, the sea. Live and enjoy. Why can’t you calm down?

2. Well, how can I explain… I do not need much, and money should not just be idle. I thought of investing in real estate – the demand for it is big during the high season, or of buying a boat and lending it. (pensively)

1. You know, if you want to invest in something out of interest, then you should not follow familiar routes. Everyone is lending their houses and boats. How will you be different? Let us look at it from another perspective: you have been living here for a year and a half. Is there anything this place lacks?

2. Everything is fine. Well, only medicine is so-so. Can you imagine, there is only one MRT device in the whole capital. What ’s more, I drive across two borders to see my dentist. I mean the doctors are good here, but they work with such outdated equipment!

1. Here is the solution to your problem. Are you not content with medical service? Buy the newest equipment and lend it to your good doctors. Firstly, it is noble. Everyone needs medical service. For the same reason it is profitable. Secondly, others will follow you, and together you will turn this quiet place into the world centre of medical tourism.

2. A great idea! Well, I have not heard any bad ones from you. It is so good you have come to visit me. Well, are we done with breakfast? Come on; let’s take a walk along the shore.

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Published on
7 March 2017