Can you make money from a signed piece of paper? How? How much? And finally, can one make a business out of it?

According to legends, Midas, a Thracian king, was given an amazing gift by god Bacchus. Everything he touched turned into gold.
His story has received an unusual spin-off. Millions of fans are ready to pay big money for the autographs of stars. Just a signature from a famous athlete or a musician costs almost its weight in gold.
There are many websites selling items signed by famous athletes. For example, a baseball cap signed by Michael Schumacher costs $300 while a jersey signed by Messi goes for $1,500.
You can also keep autographs for future use. A collector can purchase an item signed by a budding star with the possibility that their career will blossom. The future price of this autograph depends on the athlete’s success.
A football player could be drafted by a championship-winning team, a tennis player could get into the US Open finals and a baseball player could hit 70 home runs per season. Each of these events will increase the price of their autograph tenfold.
Do you want to increase your investments from a signed piece of paper? That is the beauty of the investment world. Good anticipation and timely investments are two basic principles that can make everything you touch turn into gold. 

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Published on
5 October 2017