Hate cleaning up after your dog goes to the bathroom? Find out how to turn your puppy’s excrements into brown gold.

Startup ideas are literally under our nose. In spring, when the snow is thawing, one might literally walk into a…startup.

Dog-lovers keep a poop bag with them when walking their four legged friend.

To clean up after your pet is good practice. However, many dog owners are too disgusted to pick up their dog’s excrements with their hands and thin plastic bag. 

It’s pretty gross.

How can this situation be fixed? The answer is a potential business idea.

Introducing aerosol CO2 spray cans for instant poop freezing: a potential lifesaver for grossed out dog lovers.

Just imagine: with one push of a button and your dog’s business on the lawn turns into a frozen piece of waste. With no smell and easier to handle, it makes the experience a bit more pleasant.

The poop-freezing spray is already being produced in Germany.

European entrepreneurs know the rules of successful startup.

Look for a product that a customer really needs – even if it is not acceptable to talk about such things in a good company.

Money has no smell.

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Published on
21 June 2017