A young and good-looking woman wants to marry a millionaire to spend his money happily ever after. Will this be a good business proposal for both sides? A financial guru explains why one side will get a short end of a stick.

Barbie: Hi, got a minute?
I need an advice.

John Wall Street: What’s up? Ready to get a mortgage?

Barbie: Ha! A mortgage is for losers! I want to get married to a man who makes at least $5 million a year. I am young, stylish, smart, gorgeous…
And sexy! :) :) :) :) 
It would be a good business to invest in me...
Where can I meet one of your business partners? What do they like? What should I do to get married to one?

John Wall Street:… wow. Ambitious...
OK, lets’ talk “business.” Nothing personal, but
your “proposal” – i’is a bad idea. You offer a pretty face and body in exchange for money. The problem is that your looks deteriorate. Yet, his earnings will keep growing
A pretty face is a depreciating asset, like a car. A rich businessman is an appreciating asset. The value of a depreciating asset goes down every year, and in ten years you might become… worthless or close to it. 

Barbie: Crap :-(

John Wall Street: It is a bad business to invest in young and beautiful. It is better to lease it for a short-term. Sorry )))
How about starting to make your own money? Such a business-plan is way more beneficial. Let me know, and I will forward you a website with good short videos to start with.

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Published on
9 June 2017