Your man won't stop gaming! If he isn’t going to quit, you should at least profit it off it. Now, how do you do it? Here are 4 options.

There is never enough money, and your man is playing first-person shooter games day and night.

Don’t panic!

You can monetize anything today — and your husband’s video game addiction is no exception.

So, how do you make money off someone who doesn’t want to make money?

Here are four scenarios that just might work:

Scenario one: Join a team. Inspire your husband to play like the big boys. There is big money in eSportst and it can be earned with a stellar solo record, or by joining a successful team.

Scenario two: The lone wolf. Experienced players popularize their video blogs by making tutorials, testing new games and winning solo tournaments. Viewers value this content, and the advertisers pay for it.

Scenario three: Do it yourself. Take it into your own hands and use your creativity. Start a 24x7 YouTube channel. Millions around the world are watching newborn pandas; a scruffy hungry gamer in his undies might be just as exciting.

Scenario four: Get divorced and sue the developers for a broken marriage. You won’t succeed, but you might make money on a PR campaign or a shallow reality show.

The idea here is simple, and it can be used for more than game addictions: Don’t yield to an unfortunate set of events – learn how to make money from it.

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Published on
21 April 2017