Streamers are computer users who stream their display online in real time. Are they just showing off? Nope!: This is the new way of making money.

Would you think to call a person who traded her career in the Ministry of Economic Affairs for playing World of Tanks a loser? Not even close!
Angelina ... is a professional streamer and a star on She is confident that she has found a winning formula.
Known online as Mama-Panda, she streams herself playing games online while providing her audience with fun and witty comments.
Angelina’s channel has almost 30,000 subscribers who also wire her money just because they enjoy her content.
Donations can range from $1 to $2,000.
Angelina makes XXXXX thousands of dollars per month -- and she has only recently started.
Popular English-speaking streamers with about two million followers make more than XXXXXXX thousands of dollars monthly.
Viewers value charisma and sincerity. Both traits are difficult to fake.
Angelina self-promotes by effectively Cosplaying. .
She knows that it is important to do what you love and love what you do. Even if you have some doubts in the beginning, the end results can pay off well.
It looks like streaming is a profitable business, and it’s just one the rise. Have you ever thought about opening a streaming production company?

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Published on
14 July 2017