Juicero – Freshly Squeezed Juice for $120M, or Just Another Controversial Start-up
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Juicero – Freshly Squeezed Juice for $120M, or Just Another Controversial Start-up

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How do you sell something nobody really needs without anyone noticing? Juicero may be the answer.. Will it exist for long?

A healthy lifestyle is wholesome, beneficial, and trendy. But fashion sometimes contradicts with common sense. The inventor of the cold-pressed juicer, Doug Evans, is a vegetarian with 17 years of raw-eating experience who decided to make the lives of his fellow healthy eaters easier. In 2015, he introduced to the market a revolutionary appliance which allows users to enjoy non-GMO, organic, freshly squeezed juice while avoiding the usual prep and messy clean-up that comes with the process. Exciting, isn’t it? A Wi-Fi enhanced device squeezes eight ounces of juice from a special Juicero Pack, which contains fruit and vegetable pulp mixes. The device itself costs around $400, and each pack costs between $5 to $8. But your health is worth the high price. The start-up has attracted about $120 million in venture capital to date, proving it a successful sale. However, in April 2017, Bloomberg news reported that there is no need for a pricey juicer. No one needs a spaceship-looking device to squeeze almost the same amount of juice from the pack that you can squeeze with your own hands. However, Juicero producers believe that their device will remain in demand. Innovative gadgets are trendy now, even if their use does not make sense.

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Published on
28 September 2017