The Fidget Cube is one of the more recent crowdfunded toys for adults. With that simple concept in mind, here are some other ideas you might find yourself funding soon enough.

Fidget Cube is a plastic brick with all kinds of buttons and relays on its six sides. The startup raised more than 6 million dollars on Kickstarter. The brick is designed to calm the nerves and provide the focus of its owner on a particular task. Earlier we used beads to perform this

However, in today’s age of infantilization of everything from working process to life aspirations in general, Fidget Cube looks more like a toy for developing fine motor skills, which is produced for infants.

We have taken the liberty to offer some ideas for new bright startups. A bib with a stylish print for overgrown bearded boys (to protect the new shirt from dripping saliva caused by straining of creative thought). Soft drink nipple tasting like craft beer that allows not to get distracted by conversations and to come up with creative ideas three times more often. A rattle with unique sound of bells that emphasizes the individuality of its owner greatly and allows you to find him in case he gets lost.

You can sneer at it. Or you can put it into life. Judging by Fidget Cube, you can even earn good money. Just remember that only one out of twenty startups brings profit. That is, according to the words of optimistic experts.

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Published on
16 March 2017