Kickstarter campaign managers often make mistakes. Sometimes, many mistakes. It prevents good projects getting funding – or to achieve the desired results when the money is collected.

You have an awesome idea but not enough financing. So, you try to obtain the necessary funds through the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, but …you get smacked  in the face! 

Avoid these mistakes when launching your Kickstarter campaign.
One: Don’t be so sure about your immediate success. Your great project, just like 70% of other projects, might not get enough funding.
Two: Don’t forget about marketing. Crowdfunding is a high competition market now. Don’t get lost among all the other projects!
Three: Don’t use top-notch specialists for your start-up’s promotion. A Hollywood-level promo video and PR firm services cost Hollywood level rates. The expenses might not pay off. Save your money.
Four: Proofread your texts. Those who cut back on editing, eventually lose. Forsuer.
Five: Protect your author's rights; just remember that it is more important is to have a good-quality product to protect. Pirates are swift, and while you collect money for your super gadget, the replica might already be  in production – for a third of the cost.
Six: Don’t begin the campaign without a working prototype. Asking for money to fund a non-existing product might get you the reputation of a liar, a scammer, or a loser.
Seven: Do not force the launch. You are strong, smart, and ambitious. However, if you are not ready, do not start your campaign. Take your time and finalize every detail first. It takes more time, but will increase your chances of success.
These rules are built on the bones of failed projects. Use them – and all the luck to you, Kickstarters!

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Published on
2 August 2017