Marry a lieutenant to become general’s wife by retirement. This old strategy does not work. Modern women know from divorce statistics that time works against them. You have to think like short-time investors.

This is Jules. She married Ringo, a young, promising businessman. Jules hopes that in several years Ringo will make enough to afford a house, a cabin, and diamonds, of course. 
Ringo works a lot, and Jules plays a stay-at-home role until she meets George.
This is Barbie. She married Kenneth. Kenneth is a respectable man; he’s made a profit off all the chances he takes.
As a wedding gift Barbie received a small sports car and a seven-digit sum in her bank account. She will get even more, until Kenneth meets Krystal.
According to statistics, the average length of a marriage is 10 years. About 63% of all families break up within this period of time. Estimating profitability of your future marriage, remember that the profits are connected with the growth rate of the stock – just like on the stock market. 
Long-term small-risk investments grow slowly, but most of the time, surely. High volatility papers might yield high returns quickly, but just as quickly can be lost.
So whom to marry, a lieutenant or a general? What to go for – stable low-income with a vaguely bright future, or a quick high-risk profit? 
Listen to your heart, but remember that time is not on your side.