It’s a tough hill to climb, but if you can earn the viewers, YouTube can be a money maker for you.

Hey, you. Stuck in a rut wondering what to do with your life? Want to shuck off the chains of office life?

Investory has the answer for you: Start a YouTube channel!

What? Don’t believe us? Maybe that’s because you’re an older Millennial, or just not part of the horribly named Generation Z.

Let’s explain: YouTube is a booming market with 5 billion views a day. And you can earn a couple bucks for every thousand views your channel receives. Watch it add up!

- Are you a 106-year-old woman from rural India that cooks?

- Maybe you’re a sibling act that records people watching other videos.

- Do you play, watch or even comment about video games?

If so, then YouTube could be the money maker for you! Just set up a channel and get filming. Any idea works!

There’s tons of junk to cover and billions of viewers to attract. Heck, record your life in a rut as you decide what type of YouTube channel you want to make. People will watch that! With some slick videos, a decent concept and the right amount video views you can generate revenue from ads.

If your channel receives hundreds of thousands, or millions of views you can rake in the big bucks...before Google takes its 45% and the government gets theirs!

The final cut might seem small. But with fame, you become a brand. And brands make serious money...

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Published on
5 July 2017