Still manually entering your hashtags? That’s sooooo last century. Automatically choose the most relevant hashtags for your posts with MyTager, and attract more views and likes - instantly.

The hashtag: A way to connect to a topic online, and the way lame people summarize their actions in real life.

For example “#IShouldNeverBeSayingHashtagExceptIfImReadingATweetOutloud

A seldom-used button on your grandma’s phone is now a modern method of web content conversation.
Instagram, Twitter, and many other social platforms use them to bring topics together. From social movements to whatever ludicrous things children are discussing, there’s a hashtag for it.
Yet, many still don’t know what tags to use on their posts - especially on Instagram. Don’t be ashamed, marketer watching this video that just realized that they can’t think of a relevant hashtag beyond #Marketing. It’s ok to admit that here. We’re friends.
Besides, that's where MyTager comes in.
Through a simple user interface, you can choose the ideal hashtags for your next post in no time. Just put in some general terms and MyTager will do the rest.

It might even help your business reach a larger audience. And you know what that means… Ka-ching.
Interested? Let’s see how it works.
MyTager tracks usage rate and popularity of Instagram users’ hashtag combinations and stores them in their ever-growing database. When you need to add hashtags to your content, MyTager suggest you the most relevant, successful, and popular combinations, which will attract more interest to your posts.

MyTager boasts over 20,000 installations and 270,000 posts using #MyTager_com today.

With Android development on the way, more users could soon be optimizing their content communication.

Heck, MyTager could even grow into a sound investment for yourself. Do some research. It may become a winner for you.

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Published on
3 July 2017