Nassim Nicholas Taleb's success formula in simple terms

Almost in every person who looks at these photos a small… acrophobe is awakened.

Your legs grow weak; you gasp for air and feel an irresistible desire to hold on to something firmly.

Meanwhile, the characters of these shots have simply calculated their body balance correctly: the majority of their efforts are directed at steadiness, and only a few – at poses, smiles and the external effect.

Finding the right balance is the key to success not only while posing at a height, but also during the whole life.

Five days a week are devoted to work, the weekend – to something else.

The feast mostly consists of main courses, while starters and desserts fill in the rest.

The same principle can be applied to our financial behavior.

The book “Antifragile” by Nassim Taleb tells about a “Barbell strategy”.

Everything is easy: find the right balance.Create a reliable basis and experiment using the rest. The more of such small investments you make – the higher are the chances for success. And even if your experiments turn out unsuccessful, do not be sad – you were ready to part with this sum.

It is not vital for you.

But the thing is that sometimes it all works out and you win.

Without falling down from this scary height.

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Published on
20 December 2016