Billionaires Interest in New Zealand and the Apocalypse
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Billionaires Interest in New Zealand and the Apocalypse

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Personal safety shelters are nothing new. Today, billionaires have traded bomb shelters for a country. Will that be the right investment in the event of the apocalypse?

Ever since the time of Soviet nuclear tests, building personal shelters has come into fashion among US citizens.

They were constructed right next to the house, concreted, enforced with radiation protection, filled up with canned food. Stoked by propaganda, people were waiting for the time to get downstairs and batten down the hatches.

The world has changed since then, but the idea of creating an “alternate airfield” in case of the apocalypse has not disappeared anywhere.

Facts speak for themselves: many of the world’s richest people invest their capitals in buying real estate and shelters in the farthest corners of our planet.

New Zealand is appointed the main salvation place. It is in this country that people are currently buying land and constructing reliable shelters where the owners of countless wealth intend to hide from the disaster hanging in the air.

What do these people apprehend? Do they know something yet hidden to us?

There is only one thing we can say: now it is just the time to invest in New Zealand real estate. Its price will be growing as fast as the number of personal shelters did in the USA in mid-50s.

It is quite another matter that in case of global nuclear war, New Zealand will not become a centre of safety either, and, probably for us, mere mortals, the perfect choice could be investing in Elon Musk’s Space X project or buying a moon certificate from Dennis Hope.

Seriously speaking, the point is that New Zealand welcomes rich people from all over the world heartily.

For instance, you can get a residence permit there in return for investing 10 million New Zealand dollars during three years, and you do not have to live there permanently, 44 days out of two years will suffice. And American billionaires are glad to use such an opportunity.