When Sequoia Capital agrees to support a startup, it is almost guaranteed that the company’s products will be a hit. Its stock will turn into gold and the investors will gain significant profits. Sequoia's formula for success is a spot-on approach to choosing investment projects and believing in your venture partners.

Venture capital firm Sequoia Capital was founded in 1972 and is known for supporting some of the most successful startups in history.
Sequoia invested in the likes of Apple, Cisco, Google, Yahoo, PayPal, Youtube, LinkedIn,WhatsApp, and Instagram. These companies’ market totals more than $1.4 trillion, and profitability hovers at around 41% annually – definitely something to brag about.
Sequoia finds winning investments through its wide scouting network. It consists of a mix of scientists and businesspeople. Many of them were also recipients of Sequoia’s funding. So, they know what to look for.
The future stars of business are found in city coffeehouses and garages converted into offices. Stress-interviews, quick decision making, easy approval process – these are the principles of Sequoia.
Every year only 25 out of 2,500 analyzed startups receive financing. The partners that go through the rigorous selection process receive full support and assistance from Sequoia. This includes money, time, and advice.
The trust and respect from a successful venture fund brings a startup good dividends.
But who knows, how much more money would make Sequoia and Mark Zuckerberg together if he would not come to the meeting in 2006 late and in pajamas thus pushing the investor away.

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Published on
7 August 2017