The people who live in our consumerist times are used to easy loans and not used to delayed gratification. Modern technologies have provided society with many advancements. Today, thanks to our sharing economy, it is not difficult and does not require a lot of money to allow oneself to gain more and more.

Sharing economy is the concept of using goods or services through shared ownership. It allows people to use fancy cars, have a lavish office, or find sponsors for projects all over the world.

One should not confuse it with other economic models, especially with aggregators – services that offer someone else’s activities, or platforms for choosing service or goods providers.

What is Sharing Economy?

A sharing economy means a group of people taking turns in using some goods or services. For a small fee, each person gets a strictly limited amount of time for use. Anything can be shared.

Carsharing is the joint use of a car on a minute-by-minute rental basis. Coworking is an office space that can be rented out for office purposes or as a meeting space for a needed amount of time. Crowdfunding is attracting funds for the realization of a project from many independent investors.

Many Ways of Sharing Things: Car Sharing and More

The same type of service is sharing your car by finding people to ride with who will partially cover your gas expenses, sharing party dresses, or jointly paying for Wi-Fi access.

Creative minds can invent many ways of sharing things. It took us five minutes of brainstorming to come up with the work-swapping business. If you don’t want to go to work, somebody will do it for you – one day for 1/30th of your monthly salary! It might sound funny, but it might work for low-qualifying jobs.

Come up with an idea, and people will make you rich if you hit the mark. Anything is possible – share, like, repost!

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Published on
7 November 2017