The Secret of Silicon Valley
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The Secret of Silicon Valley

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What is the value of your project?

“How do you generate revenue?” – a fundamental question asked by investors while evaluating a business project.

In this video will reveal to you one of the secrets of Silicon Valley.

Imagine that you are working on a business plan of a diamond mine.

You plan to dig into the ground and exhume diamonds, and then sell them.

There are two big questions that underlie that business.

Question number one: if an entrepreneur digs into the ground in a certain place, are diamonds going to be there?

Question number two: if the entrepreneur has a giant pile of diamonds, would he or she be able to sell them for a good price?

Eric Ries, the author of the book “The Lean Startup” states that there is only one correct answer to the second question, and this answer is YES!

Speaking about diamonds, there can be no other option.

That is one of the main secrets of Silicon Valley.

Instead of the traditional “How do you generate revenue?”, the main question of an investor from the Valley is “What value do you create?”

Look around.

Any successful international business of modern times had been set up in search of value, not money.

Money came later.

What is the value of your project?

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Published on
22 February 2017