How to influence shoppers using smell and sound.

It is hard to surprise the modern shopper. Usual tricks like pretty women and cute kittens don’t work anymore. This led marketing specialists to look for new ways to attract shoppers and eventually, make them open their wallets.

New Ways to Attract Shoppers

U.S. researchers found that an important part of a shopper's experience depends on their sensory perception. So marketers figured out how to incorporate that in advertisements. In December 2006, some of the bus stops in San Francisco were smelling like freshly baked cookies. It was a promotional event for a milk producer and had to do with the custom of leaving a glass of milk and a cookie for Santa.

The way a product looks and sounds can also make people delay a purchase. Tactile sensation and taste, on the contrary, speed the purchase up.

What can Delay a Purchase? How to Speed up a Purchase?

Saying that the music sounds great in the promotional video can delay the purchase of the music festival tickets. However, description of the edible goodies for sale at the same festival speeds up the process. When the product is described through its taste or feel, whether it is a warm cookie or a fluffy blanket, you get the urge to buy.

What Do People Buy The Most?

It is also known that people purchase the products that are nice to touch or smell for their loved ones. Items that have visual or audio descriptions are proven to sell better online.

As the rules of advertising are revealed, ads become more effective. It's difficult to increase the demand, but the smell of money always leads to new discoveries.

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Published on
3 November 2017