Have you ever dreamed of a Blockchain version of Fiverr? What about an Amazcon.com for selling energy? These once distant dreams are now a real possibility with Blockchain. Let’s look at them in more detail while also uncovering other zones of the market map


Ethlance (Marketplace): Looking for work? Need a freelancer? Want to do all of this using the Ether cryptocurrency? That’s what Ethlance is for. They link up freelancers with clients, and best of all, they don’t take a percentage of your hard earned Ether. Power Ledger (Energy): Using Blockchain, Power Ledger enables the sale of surplus renewable energy created in commercial and residential developments. Using their P2P trading app, businesses can host energy trading on the platform without taking any power away from the consumer. Filecoin (Storage): Besides being a cryptocurrency, the Filecoin network creates a decentralized market for storage. If you have extra storage, you can join Filecoin to rent out your hard drive, racks, single disks, or whole data center. Whatever you are not using, you can sell to get Filecoins in return. BLOCKCHAIN MARKET MAP: SHARED DATA IOTA (Internet of Things): As the IoT keeps growing, the demand for sharing resources grows with it. IOTA claims to be “the economy of things” that helps companies find new business-to-business models. They do this by making every technology resource a potential entity to be traded in an open, free market in real time with no fees. OriginTrail (Supply Chain): OriginTrail helps food manufacturers to aggregate real-time data about their products in all stages of the supply chain. You’ve heard of farm to table, right? Well, OriginTrail helps consumers check up on the authenticity, safety, and quality of their food at any time from farm to store. Of course, this is all possible with Blockchain-supported data sharing. JAAK (Attribution): JAAK features a decentralized content distribution infrastructure that connects meta and metadata via smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. This way, JAAK connects content directly to the artist for them to distribute.


Factom (Data): According to Factom, they want to create, design and build products that help make the world more transparent and honest. Using the Factom network combined with Blockchain, they build apps that can be used as a public service. Factom built the initial, underlying data platform. And since it's open source, anyone can jump in and build off of it. The Blockchain market map goes even deeper than this. For example, there are projects like Edgeless, which created the world's first fully transparent gambling program. Also making headlines are prediction markets like Gnosis that let users share their predictions on pretty much anything and then be rewarded for a correct result. If there is anything to take away from this, it’s that Blockchain opened up doors we didn't even know were there. Who knows what’s next?

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Published on
17 March 2019