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Bitcoin Cash vs. Bitcoin: Should You Invest in Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin has long held the crypto crown. Since its inception, its popularity has weathered the volatility of the currency price. It has recently surged, making it one of the best medium-term investments of recent times. Bitcoin Cash was founded as a viable alternative, and it has enjoyed success as well. But where should you invest?

Bitcoin Cash: The Basics

Before we address the differences from its parent currency, let's look at the basics of BTC Cash. Essentially, Bitcoin's transaction speeds are slow — very slow. Because of the secure data transaction processes, it takes a long time on the blockchain to make a complete transaction. Compared to real-world currency, it moves at a snail's pace. Companies like Visa eat it alive with transaction speeds. This created an issue for BTC. It needed to speed up, but that potentially meant removing layers of security. Bitcoin Cash was designed to counter the problems of transaction speed, with the hope of retaining the principles of the original crypto.

Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin: Which is Worth More?

BTC, hands down. It is not even a competition. Currently trading at thousands of dollars, Bitcoin is the investment king. However, its inherent problems could be its undoing. While the currency has value right now, the sustainability isn’t necessarily there. Its true value has always been volatile. Bitcoin Cash avoids the same traps, so its true value, although significantly less, is likely to be more stable. Remember that when you invest.

Bitcoin vs. Bitcoin Cash: How to Invest

Currently, it is not easy to invest using cash for Bitcoin Cash. Most are making investments by way of other cryptocurrencies. BTC is fairly easy to purchase; however, you'd best have deep pockets. A single BTC is worth a small fortune at the moment. Furthermore, with this infighting, the value of BTC has stalled a little and Bitcoin Cash has surged.

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