Earn real bitcoins with Youhodler's cloud miner. Simple tasks, big rewards. Start earning now with the best reward system

A core pillar of YouHodler’s philosophy is taking a “client-first” approach to evolution. We want to empower you via innovative financial services and help you use digital assets in creative ways. YouHodler provides this with our yield accounts, MultiHODL trading tool, and more.

We are adding yet another feature for your benefit and to help us invest in client retention and loyalty. 

Introducing, Cloud Miner. Cloud Miner is YouHodler’s newest feature, a mining simulator and reward system that awards users for completing simple tasks. In short, it’s a Mining simulator built around the idea to simplify and gamify the Bitcoin mining process. Without using the user’s device CPU resources, anyone can receive actual Bitcoins. 

How does Cloud Miner work?

YouHodler’s Cloud Miner service is unlike any other on the market. Hence, that comes with new terminology you should learn. Check out the terms below before you get started on your miner’s journey. 

  • Mining level: Your current level in the journey. (Depends on completed requirements).
  • Sparks: The fuel needed to mine blocks. 
  • Free sparks: Sparks that you receive on an hourly basis.
  • Welcome package: The number of Sparks you get once achieving a new level.
  • Blocks: The number of slots available for you to mine.
  • Mining Cost: The number of Sparks needed to mine one block.
  • Mining Speed: How much time it takes to mine one block. 

1. Make sure you have enough sparks

Sparks are the fuel used to mine the blocks. You get free sparks every day or when you use Multihodl

2. Simply click the block you want to mine

To initiate the mining process, select a block. Then, a countdown automatically starts. 

3. Claim your Bitcoins

When the countdown is over, your reward is ready to claim. Click on the mined block and see your increased balance. 

4. Repeat

As long as you have enough sparks and available blocks to mine, you can get more rewards

Disclaimer: YouHodler's Cloud Miner is a mining simulation tool built around the idea to simplify and gamify the bitcoin mining process. The Miner does not use your device's CPU resources.