Is this another upcoming, soon-to-be-forgotten crypto, or does Golem have what it takes to be the next Bitcoin? Read our article and decide for yourself whether either is worth an investment.

Golem vs. Bitcoin: What is Golem?

GNT is an upcoming cryptocurrency that has so far taken the crypto world by storm with not so much as a blip or indication of a downturn on its financial charts. Whereas most cryptocurrencies will fluctuate with peaks and troughs, GNT has bucked that trend. In February, it rose staggeringly by 100%, and investors were quick to point towards its inevitable downturn — a downturn that never came. Currently, it is the 10th most valuable cryptocurrency and is still rising well.

Golem vs. Bitcoin: How does it compare to Bitcoin?

Golem offers a fresh take on the traditional platforms, and it is this potential that has seen it do so well. Bitcoin has value, of course, but its longevity and ongoing sustainability have long been the points of scrutiny, especially with a cumbersome and flawed blockchain. Bitcoin Cash broke away as a result of this but has yet to reach the dizzying heights of value that its parent token enjoys. GNT, on the other hand, has excited from day one, gathering almost $9,000,000 in crowdfunding in just half an hour. Because it has the ability to have great computing applications, it is really a promising prospect. It's taking a different path to Bitcoin.

Golem vs. Bitcoin: Should you invest in Golem?

Yes, is the short answer. Prepare yourself, though. There will be a bump in Golem’s road at some point. It simply can’t continue to grow steadily without there being a hiccup along the way. At that bump, we will see how nervy investors are about the coin. If panic at a drop occurs and the coin is sold off in large quantities, it could be the end of the road for GNT. It is best to make a small and measured investment in Golem. It could actually be a great crypto and bring home the bacon one day. Whether it will be the next Bitcoin, however... we'll let you decide.

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