“High yield interest rate” is not usually a word you hear often these days. With central banks all around the world slashing rates and trying to stimulate the economy, people are perplexed about how they can find a safe, stable place to store their assets and watch it grow. Thankfully, a handful of FinTech/DeFI platforms have come to the rescue with cryptocurrency and stablecoin savings accounts with high-interest rates. Only one of these platforms, however, offers a bonus tool that helps one boost rates even higher. 

High Yield Interest Rate: Is your portfolio balanced correctly?

A healthy profitable portfolio is one that’s properly balanced with both safe and risky assets. The safe assets are the ones you can count on to always turn a small, but reliable profit. Meanwhile, the risk assets are there to bring in the big money (if the risk goes in your favor of course). If you have too many safe assets, then your returns will be minimal. If you have too many risk assets, well then your odds of losing it all are much higher. Hence, many investors turn to the Barbell Strategy as the answer to this dilemma.

Use a high yield interest rate with the Barbell Strategy

As just discussed, safe, stable assets should make up the bulk of your portfolio. That’s where a high yield interest rate comes in. One specific platform (to be named later) offers very high-interest rates using stablecoin savings accounts. With this, users can earn an astounding 12% per year on their savings account. That in itself is a great return but don’t forget, we still have a portion of your portfolio to use for slightly riskier endeavors. 

How to turbocharge your high yield interest rate

FinTech platform YouHodler has a very unique and innovative feature called Multi HODL. They also have the 12% APR saving accounts mentioned earlier. Multi HODL is designed to take a portion of one’s savings account and use it for risker but potentially profitable activities on the market.

Users can choose how much they want to use in Multi HODL and can also set their own levels of risk and potential profit. Then the platform initiates a chain of loans that lends the user mone to either buy more crypto or sell crypto depending on which direction they want (UP or DOWN). The UP or DOWN buttons are comparable to long or short positions on the traditional market. If all goes according to plan, then the potential return is far greater than the 12% sitting the savings account. 

The best part is, users can keep earning interest on the amount in their savings account even if they use it for Multi HODL. It’s truly a different way to use the Barbell Strategy and worth looking into if you’re interested in a stable, yet active portfolio for maximum potential. Give them a try today and let us know what you think.