Are you based in the UK and looking for some new ways to earn passive income in the financial markets? If so, investment bonds are for you. These are great ways to earn income stress-free without having to actively manage your funds. Instead, you simply received a fixed amount of interest payments on a regular basis. In this article, we’ll show you some of the best investment bonds UK (and the world) has to offer. 

Vanguard Total Market Bond ETF eToro

This one is the ultimate investment bond for people in the UK that know nothing about bonds. The Vanguard Total Market Bond ETH is managed by Vanguard and they are one of the world’s leading fun proverbs with over $5 trillion in asset management. Hence, they have some experience knowing what they’re doing. Vanguard buys and sells thousands of bonds for you, making the entire process stress free and ras.y 

The minimum investment for UK citizens is just 200 GBP and returns are 3.3% annually. Vanguard likes to invest in a wide range of diverse bonds so you’re getting a nice mix of risk and potential profit. 

Euro-Bund ETF on AVATrade

Not all investment bonds UK have to offer are based in England. For example, the Euro-Bund ETF helps you get exposure to foreign bonds. Simply put, Euro-bunds are securities from the German government. These bonds have a 30-year maturity but they never expire. Instead, you just guess the future direction of the bond. If you guess the right direction, you can expect up to a 9% return over the course of 1 year. 

Furthermore, Euro-bunds lets you invest at a leverage of 5:1 meaning an investment of just 500 GBP means you can actually invest 2,500. This is a great option for people with minimal funds to maximize their investment. Also, it’s a great fund for beginners since it allows easy deposit with your debit or credit card, and opening an account takes just a couple minutes.

Patryk Peltonen Bond Portfolio - eToro 

This bond is not exactly an investment bond UK but it does have a place on this list for good reasons. Patryk Peltonen is a verified investor on eToro and the platform lets you essentially copy the trades of their verified traders. Patryk Peltonen is one of the leading trades in both buying and selling bonds on eToro. Last year he helped his followers earn 10.2% in profit. Peltonen has a highly diversified portfolio with all sorts of bonds and he is fond of both longing and hosting the market. Keep in mind, this route is a little riskier than other bonds since you are just copying a trader’s strategy but some benefits include 0% commission on ETHS and stocks, support of all payment methods, and easy for a newbie.

YouHodler interest account for cryptocurrency

Last but certainly to least on our investment bonds UK list is YouHodler. YouHodler is a Europe-based Financial Technology (FinTech) platform that services UK clients in addition to many more. Users can deposit GBP to the platform and then convert it to one of the 5 stablecoins on the platform to earn 12% interest per year.

YouHodler features weekly payouts and you can withdraw your funds whenever you want, unlike some of these other platforms that force you to lock them in. Also, there is no catch to earn 12%. You simply deposit funds and start earning right away.

YouHodler also lets you earn interest on gold (8.2%) and other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. There are many options to earn passive income on this site and we highly recommend it for its user-friendly interface, efficiency, and of course, it’s extremely high APY of 12%. 

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