The news is out on KuCoin, but there is still a fair share of skeptics out there. That's understandable since it's not a regulated. However, you could say the same for pretty much any blockchain tech on the market. When Bitcoin first came out, everyone thought it was a scam. We're getting off subject here, though. Let's bring it back down to Earth and compare these two technologies. Which one is better and which one deserves your investment?

KuCoin Shares vs. Bitcoin: Advantages

KuCoin is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Hong Kong, and it has a handful of nice advantages. For one, users will love its competitive fees. While there are trading and withdrawal fees. Sure, many other exchanges also operate on this logic; however, KuCoin is more competitive. Users are charged a flat fee rate of .1% per trade, and if you want to withdraw something like Bitcoin from this exchange, you only have to pay a fee of .0005 BTC.

KuCoin Shares vs. Bitcoin: Disadvantages

Everyone knows about Bitcoin now—even those not interested in cryptocurrency. But what about this new exchange? Well, it's a little more mysterious, and investors don't generally like mysterious. As an unregulated exchange, this poses quite a few risks. Furthermore, there isn't a whole lot of information regarding the company. Also, unlike other popular crypto exchanges like Kraken, this one doesn't provide margin trading.

KuCoin Shares vs. Bitcoin: Should You Invest?

One technology is a cryptocurrency, while the other is a cryptocurrency exchange. They are not truly competing with each other. The better question is, should you risk your money on this relatively new and mysterious exchange? In times like these, you have to weigh the pros and cons. For one, there are plenty of nice advantages on this platform, like low-cost trading and high volume. However, it doesn't support fiat currencies, and there really isn't much info on the organization itself. So, you be the judge on this one. It all comes down to your unique skill set.

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