Finance gurus will be sitting upright after reading that title. It's a doozy but hey... Father Time will heal all wounds and websites, Investopedia included. We provide the details - you figure out if our musings are valid.

Websites that Can Destroy Investopedia:

Don't let the name deceive you. This website is anything but foolish. In addition, their writers have a refreshing outlook on all things related to numbers. Aside from being incredibly entertaining, they provide up-to-date information on what may seem like seemingly boring topics. If you want a layman's understanding of the business industry, head over to

Websites that Can Destroy Investopedia: The Morningstar

This site has a very different feel compared to its competitors. It looks like it could be used for the world of academia, accountants, and actuarial scientists. Moreover, considering this is a hard-hitting financial news source, it is easy to see this site as a spawn off of Investopedia. Follow the link above and take a look.

Websites that Can Destroy Investopedia: Investory

Yes, we had to include this site. Why? Our stories are based on actual facts, truth, and events (yes, opinions too). Furthermore, we write news that you need to read. We don't wait for instructions. Rather, we take our opportunities where we can find them. Investory writes with no holds barred. We still take our journalistic pride quite seriously.

Food for thought: What makes a site popular? Is it content? Can it be the writers? Maybe it's a popular URL?

It's everything and more. What "sells" these days? The X-factor sells. News sites no longer exist purely on a catchy headline. You need the goods to back it up, and you needed it yesterday! Sensationalism will die with printed media. It still exists, but it exists as a shadow of its former self.

All things considered, finance is a harder sell than general news. A special audience with specific needs requires charts, pies, and other gimmicks. The world of finance will throw curveballs every day. Can Investopedia still play ball?

Let's take a moment of silence and ponder finance websites. Investopedia was the king; perhaps it's time to move on to better pastures?

Finance: an online history. What was, what is, and what will be.