Yes, cat yoga is a real thing and yes, it is trending in a city near you right now!

The Cat Yoga Trend: Another Californian Crazy Trend

Is it really any surprise that this crazy new cat yoga trend comes from California? To be specific, cat yoga was born in Santa Barbara at the Cat Therapy café. No, you can’t bring your own cat, but instead, you can partner up with one of the beautiful felines from a nearby animal shelter. An already popular trend + Californian innovation + cats = a trend that will take the world by storm.

The Cat Yoga Trend: Cats Love Yoga

Seriously, they do. Any cat owner knows that every cat will stretch before sleeping, during sleeping, after sleeping, before food, and before jumping through the cat-flap. Cats are natural yoga buddies. The popularity of this trend seems inevitable. How did we never consider cat yoga before?

The Cat Yoga Trend: Guaranteed to Make You Smile

Even if you don’t like cats as pets, can you really say you’ve never smiled at one of those silly cat memes? How about Grumpy Cat? Seeing a fur-ball of a cat chasing its tail as you’re bending over backward, or a tiny kitten turning its head to watch you balance precariously, is bound to make you smile. Cat yoga is a happy trend. It’s not a challenge or a thrill; it’s relaxing. No wonder it’s really taking off.

The Cat Yoga Trend: All You Need is a Cat

If you don't have a cat, there are still a few options. Borrow one from the local shelter (warning: you may end up permanently adopting one due to cuteness) or cat-sit for a friend on vacation. No plane ticket to California is required! Find a yoga video online and start in your own front room! Also, make sure to end each session with a cat cuddle.

The Cat Yoga Trend: Unconditional Support

The problem with group yoga sessions is all the other people in your group. If you can’t bend as far as everyone else, or fall over at just the thought of a downward dog, yoga can be pretty intimidating and embarrassing. But add cats to the mix and you’re onto a winner. Cats have always been the pet of choice for the quiet, self-conscious type. They never judge (far too busy sleeping), and just looking at them makes you smile. There’s no better encouragement (or distraction) to get into that uncomfortable position than a purring kitten supporting you from the sidelines.