For all that money we invest into diamonds, are they really worth it? Not a chance.

Rings, necklaces, diamonds... These are symbols of success, wealth, and luxury. For centuries they are passed down from generation to generation. Things with history, hand-made by our best masters. This is what you should be inves… Oh no, Stop! This is nonsense, don’t fall for this scam.

If someone tells you that investing in jewelry is a great way to make and save money, tell them to get lost! But first show him this short story.

We go into a flagship jewelry boutique, Tiffany & Co. in London and purchase a diamond ring for 2000 pounds. We then take a walk to Victoria Station and go into the famous pawnshop, T.M. Sutton where we will try and pawn this gorgeous ring.

Oh, no! The maximum price that they are ready to offer is 1500 pounds.

Not a penny more.

Diamonds are forever. But just always for a lower price.

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Published on
18 August 2017