Truffles make a lucrative industry for several regions of the world. Find out why it pays to invest in the truffle business.

Is it expensive to keep a dog or a pig? Is it worth investing in their coaching and training? Rural residents of the Mediterranean do not even think about such issues. Because every autumn pets get a chance to thank their owners for a happy life and to go hunting white truffles.

White truffles are not easy to find — these mushrooms grow underground. That is where a dog or a pig becomes an indispensable assistant: a single successful hunt can cover the expenses on keeping the pet manyfold. Restaurants gladly take white truffles, and mushrooms that weigh over 500 grams are sold at an auction. Thus, the largest truffle found in 2008 was bought for $200 000, and in 2014 a truffle weighing almost 2 kilos was sold at Sotheby’s auction for $61 000.

Invest in your four-legged friend! They are prospective providers of your common welfare. All the more connoisseurs say that white truffles grow even in the forests of Tennessee, Virginia, Iowa, Kentucky, and more.

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Published on
10 April 2017